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Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges

What are Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges?
Ceramic Water filter cartridges are very fine microfiltration cartridges that are designed to remove coliform bacteria (such as E. coli), parasites, cysts and fine particles down to 0.3 micron absolute. Ceramic water filter cartridges are cleanable and reusable, making them an excellent choice for use with untreated waters such as lake, river or well water.
Are all ceramic cartridges the same?
Not at all. Rainfresh ceramic water filter cartridges are manufactured in Canada to exacting standards and have a micron rating of 0.3 micron absolute - the tightest ceramic cartridges in the world!!. What's more - they are certified to the highest industry standards - NSF/ANSI 53 and 42, which include testing for material safety & performance.
Our ceramic water filter cartridges are designed for use with Rainfresh water filter systems only. For custom configurations, or for use with other systems, please contact us.
  • Rated at 0.3 micron absolute
  • Removes bacteria (e.g. E.coli), Coliform, Cyst (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia), sediment, chlorine, taste and odour
  • Cleanable and reusable up to a 100 times
  • Life = 1,000 US gal (3,785L) or 1 year
  • Tested to NSF 53 and NSF 42

  Model 1M

For use with :

- Drinking Water System 2 (UCS2 & DS2)

- Drinking Water System 3 (UCS3 & DS3)

- Inline Systems (FC000/1M, UC000/1M)

- Countertop System (CT1M)

  Model 1S

For use ONLY with :

- Drinking Water System 1 (SST)

Available in Canada at :
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