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Hot Beverage (Coffee & Tea) Water Filters - BG Series

  • Prevent scaling of coffee machines
  • Lower your maintenance and operational costs
  • Improve the quality & taste of coffee & tea

Water is the key ingredient in Beverages. The quality of water, therefore, greatly affects the quality of the beverages made by it. Envirogard’s BG series filter systems are designed to provide high quality water for hot beverages like coffee and tea for high volume applications. They are small, compact and designed to be installed on the feed water supply to the coffee or tea machine. BG series coffee water filters incorporate a multi-stage filtration design that:

  • Reduces chlorine and associated taste and odours in the water that affect the aroma and taste of beverages. 
  • Reduces scale formation on beverage equipment.
  • Reduces sediment down to 1 micron nominal.

    Envirogard's coffee & tea water filter systems also feature a Filter cartridge replacement timer that triggers an orange LED when it is time to replace cartridges. A water pressure gauge is included to monitor pressure variations and spikes. It also indicates cartridge plugging (when differential pressure exceeds 10 psi). Inlet/outlet connections are 3/8”.

Model  (Click for brochure) DIMENSIONS Filter Monitor  Performance
BG11U 6” 13” 5” Yes Chlorine, taste, odour, sediment, scale
BG21U 11.2” 13” 5” Yes Chlorine, taste, odour, scale with additional 5 micron pre-filter for sediment
BG12W 12" 23" 5" No Chlorine, taste, odour, sediment, scale

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