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Cold Beverage/Vending Machine Filtration

 Poor water quality can affect the taste of cold beverages such as fountain/vending drinks and affect dispensing equipment. This can lead to dissatisfied customers and increased service costs and downtime.

Envirogard’s Cold Beverage water filter systems:

  • Reduce aesthetics such as chloramines, chlorine, bad tastes & odours
  • Reduce sediment
  • Reduce scale build-up on dispensing equipment.
  • Reduce health related contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), lead, THM, etc

They also feature a filter cartridge replacement monitor that lights up an orange LED when it is time to replace the filter cartridge.

Filter Life
VM11U-CF Chlorine, taste, odour, scale, sediment 600 gal/2271 L
VM11U-VC Chlorine, taste, odour, scale, Volatile Organic Compounds, THM, chemicals, sediment 600 gal/2271 L
VM11U-CA Chloramine, chlorine, taste, odour, scale, sediment 600 gal/2271 L
VM11U-LR Chlorine, taste, odour, scale, Lead,  Volatile Organic Compounds, THM, chemicals, sediment 600 gal/2271 L

Connections are 3/8” FNPT or 3/8” quick connect.

For more details on Vending Machine Water Filters or vending machine water flter systems, please call 1800-667-8072

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