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Combi Oven Filtration

The most common operational problem with combi ovens is scale build up inside the oven. Scale is caused by mineral content in the water that is left as residue when water evaporates inside the oven. 

Another operational problem is corrosion inside the oven caused by chloramines in the water. Many municipalities now treat water using a combination of chlorine and ammonia that results in the formation of chloramines. Chloramines are corrosive by nature and known to cause corrosion inside combi ovens.

Most combi-oven water filters are based on polyphosphate scale inhibition & carbon filtration. Polyphosphate sequestering bonds break up at higher temperature and are thus unsuitable for high temperature applications such as combi-ovens. Scondly, regular activated carbon filters have very low removal efficiency for chloramines.

Envirogard’s combi-oven filtration system is based on reverse osmosis technology that reduces the total mineral content in feed water, thus preventing minerals from scaling the inside of the oven. CORO200 also reduces chloramines, thus protecting the oven from corrosion.

Installed in hundreds of kitchens, restaurants and grocery stores across Canada, Envirogard's CORO combi oven water filtration systems save costly service and maintenance costs, and more importantly, reduce down time, which is so important for an operating kitchen.

Actual photo (LEFT) of combi oven using competitive water filters after just 1 week of use. On the RIGHT, 12 weeks after using Envirogard’s Combi-oven filtration System.

CORO200 can be easily wall mounted adjacent to the oven and includes a small storage tank that can be floor or wall mounted remotely.
Click here for CORO200 combi oven water filter the brochure
For details on combi-oven water filters or combi-oven filtration system, please call 18006678072

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