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Dealkalizing Filters

Reduce Water pH / Alkalinity by Chloride Cycle Dealkalizers

High alkalinity can be detrimental to Heating & Cooling processes steam generation and must be reduced for potable water use. Rainfresh “EDA” series Dealkalizers utilize ion exchange technology to effectively reduce alkalinity from water.

“EDA” Dealkalizers incorporate an efficient anionic resin that removes Carbonates, Bicarbonates, Sulphates, Nitrates etc and an equivalent number of chloride ions are substituted in the product water. Over time, as the exchange capacity of the resin reaches exhaustion, the “EDA” dealkalizer system automatically sets off a regeneration cycle that utilizes regular softener salt, to replenish chloride ions on the resin bed. Standard control valve is mechanical metered.

Dealkalizers require use of softened water, and are installed down stream from the water softener, and before the de-aerator. Dealkalizers remove more than 90% of the bicarbonate alkalinity from the softened water supply. This effectively controls formation of carbon dioxide in the boiler, the major cause of condensate line corrosion. Dealkalization reduces the need for neutralizing chemicals by as much as 90%, and cuts fuel costs by minimizing blow-down.

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