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Expresso Water Filters - EG Series

  • Prevent Scaling of Espresso machines
  • Lower your operational and maintenance costs
  • Easy cartridge change 

 Envirogard’s EG series espresso water filter system protects espresso equipment from scale build-up andclogging of nozzles caused by hard water and sediment respectively. Designed to deliver consistent water quality,  the EG system reduces service costs, energy costs and downtime substantially, leading to increased profits.

EG systems feature a double-action cartridge that:

  • Reduces water hardness by ion exchange softening, and
  • Filters the water down to 5 micron nominal (1 micron = 1/1000 mm)
Model (Click for brochure)
EG11W 6” 13” 5” Scale removal, sediment 1,000 grains
EG12B 11” 23” 7” Scale removal, sediment 4,500 grains

 To determine cartridge life, divide capacity by your water hardness to get the number of gallons of water you can treat before replacing cartridges. For example if your water hardness is 8 grains, then divide 1000 by 8 = 125 gal = 473 Litres.


 Envirogard Mini softeners are specifically designed for small volume soft water applications such as espresso. These fully automatic softeners do not require manual regeneration with salt, but regenerate automatically. Regular softener salt is easily contained in a compact salt tank that can be stored remotely.

Envirogard mini-softeners are available in 2 models:

MINI618E - 4000 grain capacity

MINI1010E - 8000 grain capacity

Click here for Brochure

For more information on espresso water filters, espresso softeners or other food service water filters, please call 1800-667-8072


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