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Bottled Water in the News (Click links for original story)

 Other Bottled Water News (Source CBC)

  • In April 2007, Charlottetown voted to ban bottled water at council meetings.
  • In May 2008, Nelson, B.C., outlawed the sale of bottled water at city-owned buildings.
  • School boards in Toronto and Ottawa are looking at banning bottled water from vending machines in 2009.
  • Waterloo Region banned the sale of plastic bottles in its schools starting in 2009.
  • In June 2008, St. John's city council voted to ban bottled water at city hall.
  • In Aug. 2008, London, Ont., voted to ban bottled water in city offices, parks and other recreational facilities. 

By installing a Rainfresh Water Filter, you will eliminate the waste of bottled water, reduce your carbon footprint and save hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water costs.


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