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CHEMICAL FREE (Air Injection) Iron Filters

For reduction of Clear-Water (Ferrous) Iron in Water

Do you see a clear glass of water, or water in a bath tub, turn orange in colour if you leave it standing for some time? If yes, you likely have elevated levels of “clear water iron” in your water.

Clear Water Iron (or Ferrous Iron) occurs naturally in many well waters. In concentrations over 0.3 mg/L (PPM) it causes reddish-brown deposits (stains) on bathtubs , laundry, dishes, utensils, glassware and appliances like dishwashers, washing machines etc. It can also cause deposits in pipes, pressure tanks & water heaters reducing the available water flow and pressure. It affects the flavour and colour of food and water. It may react with tannins in coffee, tea and some alcoholic beverages to produce a black sludge, which affects both taste and appearance.

Rainfresh CAFE Chemical-free Iron Filter removes Iron from all the water in the house including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and even outside taps. Based on the technology of oxidation and filtration, Rainfresh CAFE filter converts dissolved iron (ferrous iron) in the water to a filterable rust particle (ferric iron), which it then filters out to give you clear, iron-free water.  

After every few days, the unit automatically cleans itself (Backwashing) and dumps the trapped iron and other particles down the drain. A big advantage that the CAFE Iron filter has over other types of iron filters is that the it does not need any salt or chemicals to backwash - just water!

 Top of the line electronic controls for high efficiency and ease of use

  • Bi-lingual controls (English & French)
  • Fully programmable (cycle time, backwash frequency etc.) based on water consumption 
  • Environmentally friendly

      Quick connect fittings for ease of installation

  •  ¾” NPT elbow or straight fittings, can be easily rotated to suit any installation angle
  • Quick connect style reduces installation time and effort
  • Reduces cost of extra plumbing fittings
  • Unique built-in bypass valve included with turn tool for ease of use
  • 15 ft drain tubing included 

Model No.

Installed Dimensions (HXWXD)

Max Flow RateUS GPM* (LPM)

Backwash Flow Rate Required US GPM*

Inlet / Outlet


CAFE 948



3/4" Male NPT

 1/2" Hose






* - Well pump flow rate must be more than 5.0 US GPM for the unit to operate properly.


Available in CANADA at
 ONLINE MODEL "E" Series Iron Filters
  • E series Iron filter is available directly from Rainfresh
  • Fully automatic electronic control valve
  • Includes by-pass valve
  • ¾” MPT or 1” MPT inlet/outlet connections
  • ½” hose drain connection (drain hose not included)
  • Available in single tank configuration or with extra air-contact tank
  • Treat ALL the water in the house
  • Also available "CT" model with extra air contact tank for better performance

Send us a water sample for free water testing. Click here for instructions on how to send the water sample.




For more information on iron filters, BIRM filters, chemical-free iron filters, chemical free iron filter, air-injection iron filters, backwash iron filters, chemical free filter, chemical free iron filter system or other types of iron filters,please call 18006678072


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