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Point of Entry (POE) & Multiple Applications
POINT OF ENTRY SYSTEMS - Treat ALL the water in the restaurant or kitchen

Sedigard Systems: Envirogard Sedigard Filtration Systems reduce sediment, dirt, rust, loose scale etc from the main water line. Sedigard systems feature a dual stage replaceable filter cartridge design that reduces sediment particles down to 1 micron nominal (1 micron = 1/1000 mm). The first filter reduces coarse particles down to 25 micron and the second one polishes the water to 1 micron.

Sedigard systems feature inlet/outlet pressure gauges that indicate plugging when outlet pressure drops by 10 psi. They also feature a supply ball valve to easily shut the water off for filter cartridge changes. A mounting bracket makes it easy to mount on any wall. Inlet/outlet connections are 1".

Click Here for SediGard System Brochure

 MicroGard Max System: Envirogard MicroGard systems reduce sediment, chlorine, bad tastes and odours and use UV technology to disinfect water by destroying bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Ideal for small kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, bakeries etc that are on private water supplies or require additional disinfection.

Food Service Softeners: Envirogard’s commercial water softeners remove hardness and thus prevent scale formation on kitchen equipment and appliances. Dishwashers use less detergent and plates/cutlery come out squeaky clean. Our softeners come in sizes from 20,000 grain (3/4” pipe) to 1 million grains (3” pipe). Contac t us for more information on water softeners.

 Click here for Food Service Softening Brochure


MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Single filter system for different machines. 
MultiGard System: Envirogard MultiGard systems are economical high flow systems rated at 6 US GPM. They reduce sediment, chlorine, taste/odour & scale for both hot and cold applications. Filter cartridges last up to 15,000 US gallons. MultiGard systems are ideal for small kitchens and cafeterias.

Advantage of MultiGard system:
  • Single filter system supplies high quality water to multiple machines such as ice, fountain, coffee, drinking
  • Space-saving since only one location is required for the filter
  • Economical

Click here for MultiGard System brochure 




Rainfresh MG22S filter system is an all-stainless steel water filter system designed to provide treated water for multiple applications at the same time. It can deliver water for hot beverages, small ice machines, drinking water and fountain applications.

The MG22S system protects fountain dispensers from the harmful effects of scale build-up and prevents corrosion of metallic components and clogging of nozzles and solenoid valves caused by sediment. This reduces service costs and downtime substantially, leading to increased profits. In addition, the MG22S also reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odours.

A water pressure gauge is included to monitor pressure variations and spikes. It also indicates cartridge
plugging (when differential pressure exceeds 15 psi).

For more details on kitchen water filters, commercial water filters, restaurant water filters or other food service water filter systems, please call 18006678072


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